Getting Started! 07/09/2009

Hi! This is the first post! Well, first topic: curly hair!
So, I've had really curly hair since I was a kid & i noticed recently my bounce just wasn't there. So I was reading up on a couple websites and I've found out something pretty cool. The experts say if you have really curly hair or dry/damaged hair to only shampoo your hair once a week & to condition it every day. I know this sounds a little crazy, but let me tell you! It works! The reasoning behind it is that shampoo has a damaging ingredient called "sulfur" and conditioner does not contain this! So pretty much, my hair feels awesome and I even told my sister about it, and she agrees it works! Yay for conditioning! :)


    About Moi:

    Hi! I'm Ashley! Well I have a little sister and a little brother who are both in the teen years, and I myself have been through them & I know they can be kinda rough, so if you need advice, just ask! I'm here to help! :)


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